Public Safety

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Cayce Department of Public Safety is to provide its citizens and visitors with professional services through forming constant partnerships within the community while striving to maintain integrity, compassion, and impartiality.

Vision Statement


The Cayce Department of Public Safety is committed in providing professional law enforcement services to its community members by using advanced technologies in the apprehension of criminals that interfere in the daily lives of its citizens. Through community oriented policing concepts and partnerships, the police department and its citizens will be united as one in protecting the core values of life by reducing fear, crime, and personal barriers.

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Public Safety Staff
Name Contact
Chief Byron Snellgrove, Director 803-550-9531
Pattie Rabon, Admin Coordinator/ Assistant to the Director 803-550-9531
Deputy Chief JJ Jones, Assistant Director 803-550-9538
Major Jimmy Gleaton, Police Services 803-550-9512
Captain Brian Lorick, Assistant Chief of Fire Services 803-550-9514
Lieutenant Paul Dufault, Police Administration 803-550-9521
Lieutenant Steve Bullard, Battalion Chief of Fire Services 803-550-9543
Lieutenant Stephan Wilcox Team 2 Commander 803-550-9539
Lieutenant David Hoffman, Team 1 Commander 803-550-9539
Lieutenant Matt McMillan, Support Services 803-550-9539


Name Email
Sergeant Bryan Schumpert, Supervisor 803-550-9548
Sergeant Brent Baker, Supervisor 803-550-9548
Sergeant Trevor Hall, Supervisor 803-550-9548
Sergeant Eddie Powell, Supervisor 803-550-9548
Corporal John Maynard, Assistant Supervisor 803-550-9548
Corporal Mandy Fournier, Assistant Supervisor 803-550-9548
Corporal Ronald Gibson, Assistant Supervisor 803-550-9548
Corporal Hayden Clarke, Assistant Supervisor 803-550-9548


Traffic Division
Name Email
PSO Roy Barr email
MPSO Brandon Turner email
Officer Robert Garman email


Public Safety K9 Division
Officer K9 Breed
MPSO Hayden Clark K9 Kimber Belgian Malinois
MPSO Kimberly Paparella K9 Rocco Belgian/ German Shepherd
MPSO Wilson Lewis K9 Molly Labrador Retriever
PSO Anthony Branham K9 Louisa Belgian/ German Shepherd


Training / Special Operations
Name Contact Info
Sergeant Evan Antley / Training 803-550-9536
Sergeant Austol Youmans / Narcotics 803-794-0456
Jacob Harlow “Emergency Management Coordinator” 803-794-0456
Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division (C.I.D.) of the Cayce Department of Public Safety is responsible for investigating criminal offenses that occur within the city limits of Cayce. The unit is comprised of a Sergeant, Corporal, and five (5) investigators. Each investigator receives continuous advanced training in various investigative specialties, such as crime scene processing, interview and interrogation techniques, juvenile crimes, homicide/death investigation, narcotics, financial crimes, computer crimes, domestic violence/abuse, and child abuse. Many investigators are members of national or international professional associations for various investigative specialties.

Cases are referred to this division from incident reports submitted by the Patrol Division, directly from citizens and businesses, and other law enforcement or regulatory agencies. For the 2016 calendar year, the division investigated 1,463 criminal cases.

This division works closely with other local law enforcement agencies, as well as state and federal agencies such as the SC State Law Enforcement Division (SLED), the United States Secret Service (USSS), and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE). Investigators routinely meet with representatives from these other agencies to exchange information and current intelligence regarding crime trends, patterns, and suspects. Investigators also maintain a close working relationship with the 11th and 5th Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Offices. These offices are responsible for the prosecution of offenses in the Court of General Sessions.

Criminal Investigations Staff
Name Contact Info
Lieutenant Jason Merrill, Investigations Supervisor 803-550-9553
Sergeant Cal Thomas, Assistant Investigations Supervisor 803-550-9533
Paul Sanguiliano, Investigator 803-550-9540
Terrin Reel, Investigator 803-550-9509
Donta Stewart, Investigator 803-550-9537
William Dougall, Investigator 803-550-9535
Jesse Kaiser, Investigator 803-550-9540
Animal Services

Officer Leigh Summers is Cayce's Animal Service Officer. Animal Services rescues injured or abused animals, control potentially dangerous animals roaming at-large, and bring lost pets to a shelter where their owners can reclaim them.

Leash Law

In Cayce, animals must be kept either on a leash or in a secure enclosure. Animals running loose will be picked up and impounded by Cayce Animal Services Officers. In addition, anyone walking or owning an animal is required to clean up animal waste deposited by a pet on public property and on the private property of others.


Adoptions are available at Lexington County Animal Services through their adoption program, with many dogs and cats awaiting new homes. We invite anyone interested in a new animal to visit their shelter or view the animals they have for adoption on their site.

Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Every day in the United States, thousands of puppies and kittens are born because of the irresponsible breeding of pets. Some 4 to 6 million animals are destroyed every year because there are not enough homes for them. Being a responsible owner means choosing spay or neuter surgery. Spaying and neutering helps pets live longer, healthier lives. Spaying or neutering will not make your pet fat and lazy, it will not lessen a dog's natural instinct to protect home and family, and it is not better to let a female animal have one litter before being spayed. These are just myths and excuses.

It doesn't matter if your pet is a purebred—so is at least one of every four animals brought to shelters. There are too many animals, period. Even if you find homes for all the animals in your pet's litter, that means fewer homes for unwanted animals in shelters that are already desperate for good, loving homes.

Community Outreach Policing

The Community Outreach Policing Services Team is a group of specialized and highly trained officers. It is their mission, using community oriented policing methods, to solve law enforcement problems that arise in the various communities of Cayce. However, the C.O.P.S. program is far more than a mere extension of law enforcement.

It is also the mission of the C.O.P.S. program to develop long term solutions for problems. This would include things as simple as sharing and gathering information with the communities, conducting home and business security surveys, developing strategies for ridding areas of drug dealers and other criminals along with enhancing overall community safety.

The Community Outreach Policing Services Team seeks to form partnerships with various business, church, charity and civic groups throughout Cayce.  The focus of the Community Outreach Policing Services Unit is bolster our excellent relationships with these various groups to focus on crime prevention, citizen education, community involvement, and meeting the needs of people in distress along with improving the quality of life for our citizens.

Name Email
Sergeant James Richardson email
Officer Eddie West email
Fire Department

The Cayce Fire Department is actually an integrated division within the Cayce Department of Public Safety. The "Fire Division" is comprised of the Assistant Fire Chief, Battalion Chief, Captain, and a Fire Marshal. Three shifts are assigned for twenty-four hour city coverage. Forty-nine Public Safety Officers support the Fire Divisions emergency operations.

The Blue Sign Program

Time is the enemy. The blue sign program helps emergency personnel quickly and easily identify your house when responding to emergencies

All emergency responders know that it is important to locate emergencies as soon as possible. However, many residents have failed to clearly mark their residence, which severely hinders responders’ efforts to give aid. The Cayce Fire Department participates in the Interstate Blue Address Sign Program to help EMS, Fire and Police locate your residence quicker during an emergency.

Whether you participate in the Blue Sign Program or not, PLEASE, clearly mark your residence with the correct address.

Blue Sign prices as follows:

  • Blue Sign (metal plate w/ numbers only) $15.00
  • Blue Sign attached to a treated 2”x4” $18.00
  • Blue Sign attached to a treated 2”x4” (INSTALLED) * $20.00
  • Blue Sign attached to a treated 4”x4” post $20.00
  • Blue Sign attached to a treated 4”x4” (INSTALLED) * $25.00

* Please note that installation usually requires a 24-48 hour wait period for Palmetto Utility Protection services to mark the proposed installation area for all utility lines which may be present.

Smoke Detector Information

Smoke Detector Basic Rules

  • Install at least one smoke detector on each floor of your house.
  • Test it once a month. Just push the button.
  • Clean it periodically. Dust may collect on the detector.
  • Change the battery at least once a year, preferably twice a year at the daylight savings time transitions.


  • Smoke alarms are normally installed on the ceiling or high on a wall with the top of the alarm no closer than 4 inches or farther than 12 inches from the ceiling. Alarms should be no closer than 3 feet from air vents or returns that may prevent the smoke from reaching the alarm. Also, avoid placing detectors near doorways.
  • Avoid placing detectors in kitchens or bathrooms to prevent excessive false activation by normal smoke from cooking or steam from showers. This will also reduce the temptation to remove detector batteries due to the alarm activation causing a nuisance. An estimated 20% of U.S. homes have smoke alarms present with dead or missing batteries.
  • Place at least one detector on each floor near sleeping areas. In a one story house with sleeping areas on both ends of the house, two detectors should be installed.
  • The ultimate test for smoke alarms is their ability to wake you when you are asleep. You may need to install additional alarms or specialized alarms. There are alarms that allow a parent to record their voice to assist in waking children, i.e., “Johnny, wake up there is a fire”. There are also detectors for the hearing impaired that use bright, flashing lights or vibrating signals.

Smoke detectors typically have a 10-year life span and should be replaced periodically.

Fire Marshal

For emergencies, dial 911

For non-emergencies, call 803.794.0456

Code Red

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